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Huawei, Samsung, Nokia Phone Recovery by Data Clinic

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Phone data recovery by Data ClinicSummary: Data recovery services from Samsung, Huawei and iPhone. Eventually I contacted who were able to recover the files from most phone of the phones listed here.

Recover data from Huawei P20

I have huawei p20 pro from 3 days not working in one moment turn off and still I cant turn on. I want to save all data on this phone. Is any chance for repair this phone?

Saving data from Samsung with dead battery

Samsung battery died and the phone does not turn on anymore, photos/videos were not uploaded to cloud (6 years worth). Can you save them for me? It’s an S6 edge completely dead need a quote to recover the data.

Retreive data from Samsung S6 Edge

I recently took my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone to the local repair shop.
This was because it had gone completely off and all attempts to reboot had failed.
The repair shop said that the motherboard was damaged and if replaced would wipe my phone.
The phone is encrypted with a lock that I can tell you.
The microusb port is also broken and so the data would be needed to be taken directly from the storage drive.
I would like to retrieve all data currently on the phone and can provide a storage device if needed.
If you need any more information please let me know.

Nokia Phone Data Recovery

i have nokia 301 candy bar phone, the motherboard has failed. i have taken it to a few places and no luck, can you help?

iPhone disabled please connect to itunes

My iphone 6s is displaying “iphone disabled please connect to itunes“. I have to connect to itunes and restore the phone which will wipe all of my data off it including my photos and videos. I am most worried about my photos and videos and was wondering if there’s any way to get them back/retreive the files as I have not backed up my phone recently.

iPhone unable to update

I have an iPhone that has started and update but as there wasnt enough space available to complete the update I have been told by the iPhone store the phone will need a restore resulting in loosing photos that are not saved to the iCloud. Are the photos able to be recovered.

I later discovered that the iPhone had error code 14 which meant that the data was no longer recoverable and my data had gone.

I have an iphone 7 265 gb

i know for a fact it acted up because it’s memory full. i really pushed the limit
i turned it off hoping it would turn on and “recognise” the face i deleted some apps and photos. but instead it went to white apple logo. wondershare didnt work. i went to 2 places and they said the emmc is damaged. Is this not retrievable? the data is more important than the phone. Again this was an error code 14.

Smashed Screen on iPhone

Smashed the screen on my iphone 6 (still turns on) and want to recover the contacts that were saved on there (it seems only have were synced with icloud I can’t access the rest). It would be great to know if this is possible and how much this would be.

Fortunately, Data Clinic (link above) were able to recover the data from my phone.

iPhone Overheating

My phone recently overheated and turned off, it then wouldnt turn back on so i thought the battery was dead i tried replacing battery and testing but it still didnt work so i tested the voltage going to battery and was only getting 1.5v but i tested motherboard and that was getting 5v so im stuck. looking to just get the data recovered not worried about phone being repaired

Once again, Data Clinic recovered the data.

Dropped external hard drives

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

A few weeks ago I dropped my external hard-drive (Western Digital 1TB) and it has been making a beeping sound but cannot be accessed. I used the information available on to help me get the drive working again and then I sent in to Fields who had initially told me that it was recoverable after the test. After much trying to get in contact with them after this and what I feel was below par customer service, they asked for the encryption password (they couldn’t log in) and only then they told me that it was unrecoverable.

recover data from dropped samsung drive

Recovering the data from hard drives like this Samsung that has been dropped is best left to a data recovery company!

I dropped my external hard drive and now when I plug it into my laptop it clicks and won’t load the data. Would you be able to try and recover the data for me?

The computer can not get access to the external, it takes more than 10 minutes trying to get in and when the time pass shows on the screen “unreadable” or “empty” or “not recognise”. On this time is always doing the same sound like trying to read the disc but stuck on the same point.

The hard drive is no longer being detected by my Mac. It’s made by Samsung and dropped it. I have changed the wires, the power, and checked it against other hard drives which connect fine to my Mac so it must be something wrong with the drive. The power still comes on and you can hear it boot up. I am a videographer and have a couple of recent shoots on there which are yet to be backed up so I really could do with getting this looked at asap!

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB, suspect it’s suffering from click of death, as it’s putting out a constant pattern ticking sound. I already opened the drive to check if it was a stuck head, but the head was parked. I immediately closed back the drive. The drive is recognised in Windows, it shows as a connected device and the name of the drive is showing but the volume is not being mounted, so it doesn’t show in Explorer. It probably has something to do with me dropping the hard drive a few days ago.

My 1TB WD My passport USB 3 hard drive is not being recognised anymore. The back light turns on when I connect the HD to the laptop and I heard the usual noise it normally does but that’s it.