Starting A Business in Digital Forensics – Part 3

Here’s the final part of the article about setting up a digital forensics lab. For the first part of the article, and here for the second part.

Product, Customers, Markets, Channels, Brand and Pricing for Digital Forensics:

A Description of What Digital Forensics Does

Computer Investigations
As digital devices become more ubiquitous and integrated into ever more aspects of daily business, academia, and individuals personal lives, so has their use as a tool and as a source of evidence in criminal investigations. Law-enforcement agencies must now consider the role a digital device may play in every type of crime, from murder and drug deals, to blackmail and paedophilia. The digital device may be used as a tool in the perpetration of the crime or just as a repository for information related to the crime. Law enforcement officials do not have he expertise in sufficient quantity to conduct the required investigations, using their own resources and implementing all of the digital devices and systems necessary. As a result, in many locations, a serious backlog of cases has developed. The services offered by the forensics lab would allow us to be seen by law enforcement agencies as a trusted organisation that they could outsource part of their investigations to.

The Need for a Digital Forensics Service
The sheer volume of digital forensics work that has arisen, partially due to th spread in the use of digital devices, and partially as a result of law enforcement and commercial operations to address computer crime issues, has resulted in law enforcement computer crime units being overwhelmed by the volume of work. The time required to train new staff, and the salaries available for public servants, ensure that the supply of trained staff for law enforcement agencies will always be less than the demand for their services.

Target customers will, initially be taken from local law enforcement, government departments, and commercial organisations. As the service becomes established, we will expand this to other law enforcement regions and then to local and central government departments.

We will initially target the law enforcement community in the London and southeast portions of the United Kingdom. When the customer base is established, other law enforcement bodies will be targeted and then eventually the government market, banking, and financial services market, health care market, manufacturing and retail market, and telecommunication markets.

Research conducted with local law enforcement agencies and feedback from practitioners attending local seminars has demonstrated there is an unprecedented level of interest in the proposed service.