Why Replacing Broken Hard Drives in Your RAID 5 Server Array is Essential

Information signOn a RAID 5, if one drive fails then it is vital the broken drive is replaced with a new drive as quickly as possible. When one hard disk drive fails the system enters a critical state running in a mode often described by server manufacturers such as Dell and HP as ‘degraded’. The read & write rate is reduced significantly, nonetheless it’s still possible to read and write files and folders to and from the RAID 5.

Additionally, if another drive should fail before the 1st broken drive is swapped out the server will crash and you’ll need to speak to a UK recommended RAID and Server recovery specialist to bring the server back up online and recover the data. Remember that even though RAID 5 have an amount of fault tolerance, they are not a backup solution and are mostly designed for a business that depends on quick access to data to be successful. Once a RAID 5 has been put in place you will see a substantial difference in the read speed of your system.