Recommended Data Recovery Specialists (UK)

recommended data recovery companies in the UKIf you’ve ever suffered from hard disk failure or data loss you know what it’s like. Your family photos may be stored on an external hard drive that you’ve accidentally dropped, or your important business data was safely stored on the company NAS or RAID server until the server crashed and your data went with it.

I can think back to the turn of the century when the business of data recovery was extremely niche: there were only about 5 or so companies in the entire UK who specialised in recovering data from failed hard disk drives. The irony is that there still is this number BUT now there are hundreds of other companies who claim to be able to recover data.

When a hard disk fails it usually means that a part inside the drive has broken No software is going to be able to do anything about this because there’s a part that is physically damaged. The only way to recover this data is that have the part replaced and the drive rebuilt. This is an extremely technical process and requires specialists who know what they are doing.

But if your hard disk has broken and you need the data off of it how do you know you are sending it to a good company? Fortunately in the UK there is now a new website that provides up to date reviews of UK data recovery companies. If a company is good, the web site will tell you. If another company is bad, the web site will tell you. It’s a very good and trusted data recovery resource.

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