So Many Hard Drive & Phone Problems

Samsung Galaxy S6 Factory Reset

my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge) has performed an unexpected factory reset an I have lost all my pictures and videos. Do you think you would be able to recover them? If so, how much would it cost and how long does it take for the files to be recovered? Would this be performed at your London Lab (EC3V 9LJ) or will you have to send the phone away? What happens if you are not able to recover the files – is there a charge for the attempt?

WD Passport Not Recognised

My Western Digital My Passport 1TB external hard drive is now not recognised by either PC or Mac. When the drive is connected, the drive power light lights up and the drive makes a sound ( starts with the normal spinning disk sound but continues like a stutter ) but does not show any icon on desktop as an external hard drive on either my pc or mac. On PC it shows as an icon on my devices but ca not be opened to view any files. On Mac a message pops up with “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.”
No sensitive personal data is on the drive but the drive is nearly full with original photo RAW files i am in need of recovering. Thank you.

External Hard Drive Motor Busted

Basically my external hard drive motor is potentially bust or something is trapped as I dropped my hard drive 🙁 and well, I have tried an icy box and other external adapters as the hard drive is now out of its original case and another technician had tried to recover files but has been unsuccessful; he advised me about the motor and suggested some sort of forensic recovery. Please help, It has my life and university work on there.
I am in work until 5:30 so I am unsure if I can take a phone call.

iPhone Switching Off

The phone turned itself off and then back on again before showing 0 photos when i know i had over 15,00 very special and precious photos. Now the iphone wont update even using itunes and i cant extract the data and pictures even using paid software such as dr fone. As the data is so special i would pay anything to get them back and even pay if you can recommend someone who can do such a task.

Laptop Not Recognising Hard Drive

My laptop got stood on and after that it doesn’t recognise the hard drive. I tried reseating it myself. Didn’t work. It was taken to a shop and they weren’t able to retrieve my files. They suggested it get sent to a clean room in America, which I’m not willing to do. I would like a second opinion.