Data Recovery in London and North West England

“Hi I live in the North West of England and I have a seagate hard drive it’s not even a year old as was a Xmas present the Xmas just gone. Anyway I have some pics and videos in a file I really need! The hard drive All of a sudden has gone completely dead apparently and I don’t no what to do to get my stuff back. I am wondering if you could help me please. Although I live in the north west, I work in London and can drop the drive off with you perhaps?”

London from a hot air balloonYes we should be able to help you. The reasons why hard drives break and develop problems are many. It’s not worth trying to figure out what this matter with the drive is either because many of the different faults have the same symptoms, so it’s fairly easy to misdiagnose what the problem is. This is a problem that can prove fatal if you then apply the wrong type of fix as the result is you can lose all your files.

Saying that, if there’s nothing seriously wrong with your hard drive we may well be able to get your data back using our own skills but due to how complex hard drives are we don’t actually repair them ourselves, instead we send them to our data recovery partners in either Blackburn, Burnley, Bury or Manchester. For those of you in and around the capital, the same company have a data recovery operation in London also, which is based on Lombard Street, very close to the Bank tube station.

In the meantime here’s a good data recovery blog that you may find helpful as it contains much useful advice and links about repairing and restoring the files from busted hard disks.