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iMac and iPhone water damaged data recovery requried

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

2011 iMac Recovery
My 2011 iMac stopped being able to get passed the loading screen. I took it to a shop to repair and to try and restore the memory but they were unable to. They removed the Seagate internal harddrive and replaced it and recommended I take the original harddrive to a data recovery specialist. It’s a 1tb Seagate Barracuda 7000.12 harddrive. It has all my old photos and videos from the last 10 years and also more recently my finance information which I need in order to be able to file my taxes accurately, as well as other writing projects of mine.
I was wondering if you would be able to give a rough estimate of how much you think it would cost to recover? If you think it would be possible at all.

iphone xsDevice: iPhone XS
Issue: Liquid damage
I’d like to request a quote. Last weekend my iphone XS was severely water damaged. Made the mistake of plugging it in and using a hairdryer in hopes to dry it. Even since the phone stopped charging, combined with the screen flicking with vertical green bands. The phone hasn’t been able to turn on and is non-responsive apart from occasional “charge me logo”. I took to to iSmash and upon diagnosing it and changing the battery, screen and charging port, the iphone still hasn’t been turning on, only displaying an apple logo. They suspect its a logic board issue which they cannot do. The main reason to have the phone repaired is to recover my photos and messages that haven’t been backed up on iCloud. Hence, I’d like to hear your opinion on whether the best option is recovery data or repair. Thanks for your time. As for the way the data is recovered, it is by a backup? The most important data that I haven’t had backed up were photos, WhatsApp history and iMessage history

iPhone Recovery in Coventry

Monday, May 9th, 2022

iPhone Recovery in Coventry
It’s an iPhone X that was damaged by water in February while in Coventry. I have taken it to two mobile phones repair shop and they have all said the phone can’t be repaired. I had not backed up most of the data that I now need assistance to recover

Wet iPhone requires data recovery
Hi, my iphone 11pro took quite a big swim in salt water and is no longer functioning. I would love to get all the photos off of it, even if nothing else as the phone wasn’t backed up. What kind of price do you charge for data recovery please? Im also abroad at the moment so wouldn’t be able to send the phone in your Coventry data recovery location till the end of May, would this make the chances of data recovery slimmer?

iPhone Recovery Leicester and WD Recovery Chester

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

iPhone 11 Pro Max data recovery

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that was dropped in water. During the day it was dropped there were a lot of photos taken as we were on holiday, the phone backs up every evening so the latest back up is the night before, therefor photos taken from that day were not backed up.
We are trying to recover the photos, from what I understand the phone is unlikely to be restored to full working order so we’re just trying to recover those photos. I am located in Leicester.
LeicesterOriginally, it was turning on and receiving notifications however the screen was totally unresponsive. We took it to a repair shop and they were unable to fix it, and now it appears to be stuck in a boot loop.
Would you be able to help recover the photos?

Western Digital Black, WD2003FZEX Data Recovery

Sudden mechanical failure of the internal HDD data drive in my elderly, home-built Windows 11 PC (operating system on an SSD).
PC does get moved around sometimes and has been moved several times recently.
Drive is a 2TB Western Digital Black, WD2003FZEX, made in 2015.
It stopped being recognised by PC, then still not recognised when removed and connected via a caddy to a laptop.
Found it spins up, starts clicking then spins down by itself.
Drive thought to be around 3/4 full. Contains photos, documents, scans, music, videos and downloaded software in well-structured folders/subfolders. I need to recover all this data, if possible.
I live in Chester, Cheshire.

Recover Crypto Wallet

Saturday, March 26th, 2022
Crypto Wallet Recovery

Recover My Crypto Wallet provide worldwide crypto wallet recovery services.

I’m hoping you can help me, I need to recover a crypto wallet, and if that’s not possible I wonder if recovering the crypto wallet passwords is possible? I had the wallet stored on my computer and the passwords were saved automatically. After a system update I was asked to type in my crypto wallet password again but I couldn’t remember the password. It’s a Bitcoin wallet and I had about 30 Bitcoins in there, so as you can understand, I’m very keen to see if you can recover this crypto wallet for me. The more data you can recover the better.

Crypto Recovery Service

I also have an iphone SE 1st gen. i did diy battery replacement and unplugged a wrong connection. despite refixing that, on reassembling i got the screen showing flashing apple logo. some internet advice has got me to the screen showing restore page. Unfortunately I can’t access my phone any longer and my crypto wallet app in on the phone. I therefore require a crypto recovery service – is this something you do? I don’t want to restore the phone as i know it will delete all data. my data (including my Bitcoin crypto wallet) was not backed up to icloud before this battery change, and there are also photos and voice message i need to try to get back. i have photo of the connection i unplugged and present restore screen display.

I’m not that concerned about the hard drive or the phone but I really need both crypto wallets recovered as they hold a lot of Bitcoin and are very valuable.

Recover Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and MetaMask

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Here are some recent cryptocurrency recovery enquiries we’ve had. For Bitcoin and Metamask data, whether its the recovery of seed words or a deleted wallet we recommend

Recover My Crypto Wallet site logo

Diamondmax 21 & crypto wallet
it’s a diamondMax 21, Maxtor, 250GB drive storing a wallet.dat file containing cryptocurrency.
When it first broke, a friend had a look at it but he was just someone that did computers as a sideline and he couldn’t fix it sadly.
I recently bought an external case for my storage HDD which doesn’t detect the drive. When it stopped working it seemed like a mechanical failure but obviously I don’t know exactly. Can you recover the crypto for me? I have a wallet with Bitcoin and Ethereum. I can partially remember the seed words and password.

Ledger Nano Bitcoin recovery seed required
I hope you can help , I have Bitcoin in a ledger nano s wallet but can’t access them as I’m having problems with my recovery phrase can you help

Metamask recovery on iPhone
iPhone 11 plus stuck in boot loop, receiving Error 1110. Would like to find out if it is possible to recover photos. I realise it makes no difference but I just wanted to provide a bit more detail of my phone issue below:

– My phone kept notifying me with the storage full message
– I was in the process of deleting things to create more space
– I’m assuming once a small amount of space was created it decided to update the software, but of course not enough space to update fully, leading to the error
– It’s been stuck in a boot loop ever since
– I’ve tried to update using iTunes and received error 1110
– My phone hasn’t once shown the passcode screen, only the looping black screen with the Apple logo

The information I want back is the MetaMask cryptocurrency app – can you recover this?

Netgear Ready NAS data recovery

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

ReadyNAS RAID 5 data loss
I have a net gear readyNAS 104; I believe configured as RAID 5 originally with 2tb drives. I naively replaced the drives with 6tb drives to expand. Following replacing 2 drives, the third drive resulted in reformatting and data loss. I know the data is recoverable between the 8 drives and would like the 6tb drives set up with the recovered data.

Netgear ReadyNASG-Drive data recovery on Netgear Ready NAS
I have an external 2TB G-Drive hard drive with 1,8TB of data on it which I need.
Beginning from Friday last week, the hard drive has been acting weird, slowing down my computer and so on.
Now it wont even show up when I plug it in my computer. The hard drive is working (can feel it when touching it and it makes noises) when plugged in and there is a light blinking on it but my computer wont show it.
I have tried on another MacBook as well. However, its the same problem.
I would really like to transfer the data to another hard drive safely and was wondering how much that service would roughly cost me at your company? Also if you can not fix it, will I have to pay something or do you have the “no pay fee” in that case?

Faulty hard drive
I have a hard drive from my mother’s pc which is faulty, it’s a Netgear ReadyNAS hard drive. I’ve removed it and plugged it into my laptop and it registers and shows a file tree but when anything is selected it then just hangs, there is no noise from the drive but instead it gets very hot. I’ve not opened the drive up to see if it is stuck but I’m guessing it is.

The drive has a lot of old photo scans on it and also some genealogy stuff that my mother would like back so ideally if possible if you can get the drive working I’d like to be able to clone the image so I can just transfer to a new hard drive.

Leaking water on MacBook
I have an old apple broken MacBook bought around 2007 that I would like to be able to retrieve all the hard drive data from (photographs etc.).
There was an incident with a leaking water bottle in a bag around 4 years ago which led to the laptop breaking. I don’t have to charger for it any more either.

Seagate Freeagent Desk External Drive
The drive is making a steady clicking sound and sounds like the disk is spinning up between clicks! It is used to back up data, is not moved and has not been subject to movement/damage. Most of the data is already stored on my PC and I’ve backed it up onto a new external drive. However, I suspect that there may be a small number of photographs on the old external drive that I don’t have copies of. How much would it cost to either repair or extract all data from the old unit? If excessive then I’d just take a chance that I’m not missing anything important but if low cost then I’d commit to having the data extracted. From memory, it’s a 2TB drive but with much less than 1TB of date stored on it.

Data recovery in Liverpool and the Wirral

Monday, September 20th, 2021

In this post we look at several data recovery enquiries from Liverpool.

Seagate makes strange noise
I have a Seagate HDD of 2TB. Last weekend I dropped it by mistake to the floor and now it is not working. When I plug it, the light on the HDD switches on and it starts to make a strange noise. I’ve tested it in a windows and a mac computer and it does not work in any of them. The USB cable is fine because I tried it with another HDD. I wonder how much would it cost to repair it or recover the data that contains. Thank you for the attention you can pay to this request I am in Liverpool.

Hard drive running slow
I am in Liverpool and close to Data Clinic’s Horton House office in L2. I have had this harddrive for about 8 years, it kept opening slower and slower until one day it just didn’t open on my laptop, before it “died” I tried to do a data recovery and some files were recovered however my step dad tried to do the same and it just crashed he said that a data recovery might be able to happen, I understand that all my photos might be gone forever, but I just thought I’d ask for a quote and your opinion! I work till six so email is probably best!

Hard drive doesn’t show
My external hard drive isnt working after the laptop battery ran out and it closed down. The hard drive is recognised in devices. But doesnt show the drive or files in windows explorer. If you look at events in the devices manager it says yesterday at the time the problem happened that the hard drive has not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. I am in the Wirral and the closet Data Clinic office to me is in Liverpool.

SSD freezes
For the past few weeks I’ve been unable to proceed past the ‘logon’ screen on my laptop.
It would freeze either on the windows logo, at logon or after entering my password.
I’ve had a similar issue before, but was always solved by restarting a few times. Now, I cannot seem to get past it. I am near Chester and was hoping to call in at your Liverpool data recovery centre at Horton House.
I then ran dell support assist, decrypted using the bit locker key and then ‘repaired’ the system to an image it had taken from a month ago.
After this, the PC now no longer reached logon but rather shows a BSOD with the error code x0c000021a
I believe the SSD is still intact as support assist shows the data still at 150GB and i had tried to transfer it off myself but it doesnt complete.

Data Recovery in Bristol

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

In this post we look at data recovery services provided by Data Clinic Ltd in Bristol. The company have 20 years data recovery experience from hard drives and mobile phones and are located at the Castlemead centre in the centre of Bristol

Hard Drive Recovery in Bristol

Portable hard drive will no longer switch on. I have checked the connections for dirt and tried out a new power cable but there is still no response when I use the on switch. There were no noises (clicking etc.) before this sudden failure which seems to suggest a power problem rather than the disk itself, but obviously I have not opened the drive to find out. I live in Bath and work in Bristol so can I call in to get my data recovered at Data Clinic Bristol?

Phone Data Recovery in Bristol

I have a huwaei 2o mate pro with a damaged screen & motherboard.
I Just want to retrieve contacts & photos, Is this something you can help with? I’m in Portishead, just outside Bristol and wonder if I could call into your Bristol data recovery lab in Castlemead?

Data Clinic Ltd provide data recovery services from hard drives and mobile phones and are located in the Castlemead centre in Bristol

Hard Drive recovery Bristol

My external WD 2T Passport has recently stopped connecting to my laptop, showing as ‘not mounted’ under the disk utility on my MacBook. It’s a portable hard drive.
I’ve tried the first aid check which just gives an error message and and EaseUS deep scan with no luck. It had been connecting less well before – needing to be held in a certain position or the laptop turned on and off. I’ve also tried a different cable so my thoughts are it’s either a hardware issue with the connection inside the hard drive or some sort of corruption.
Do you think this is something you would be able to recover and what would the cost be?

Seagate data recovery in Bristol

My Seagate external harddrive has stopped working. It is recognised as an unknown device by the computer but can not access the files. I know you are located at Castlemead in Bristol and an IT technician at work has used his limited software to attempt data recovery but not had much success. Would appreciate a call/email to hear how much your service might cost and if you think it is possible to retrieve the data.

Data Recovery Edinburgh, Southampton, Bristol | Data Clinic Ltd

Monday, February 22nd, 2021





Data Recovery in Belfast and Glasgow

Friday, January 15th, 2021

In this post we asked Data Clinic’s hard drive operations in Belfast and Glasgow to tell us about some of their recent enquiries.

MacBook Broke Down

Open hard drive for data recoveryMy MacBook Pro (15 inch and 2011 model) broke down and is not booting properly anymore. I went to a verified Apple Repair store in Glasgow last year and they told me that there are issues with the graphic card and it’s a very common problem with the MacBook Pro model from 2011. He ensured me that all my files can be saved though as the hard drive seems to be fine.
I would like to check with you if you could help me save all my files on the broken laptop. Could you please provide me more details (time frame, costs etc) on the option below?
– You transfer all my files to another hard drive
If there any options/solutions available, please let me know.
On another note, my first priority is to save all my files. If it’s the case that after I handover my current laptop to you and your team can’t recover/save my files, will you still charge me for the service?

Hard Drive Freezes

Though my hardrive appears when connected to my laptop, it freezes when trying to open it/access any files and multiple attempts at using disk utility has failed to fix the issue. I believe the problem is multiple bad sectors as the hardrive continually causes programs on my laptop to freeze and thus I have to remove the drive without ejecting, likely causing further bad sectors. I’ve tried downloading software to extract the files from the drive but it is so corrupted that it just causes my laptop to freeze. I was wondering if there was any way to retrieve my data and if this is solvable.

Spilt wine on laptop now not working

I’ve poured some wine on my laptop 3 weeks ago and went to Apple in Belfast who checked the connection and connector are a bit damaged but the rest are all fine. I just need to take out all the folders from my laptop to transfer to my hard drive, please, they are so important. I am looking for a rough idea how much it may cost to retrieve up to 32GB data from a 2013 iMac 16/10 pin solid state drive. The drive does appear to be functioning but it is imperative that we get the data off it before attempting to repair the installation/update that appears to have gone wrong.