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iPhone Unavailable – Recovery of files needed

Thursday, February 16th, 2023

iPhone Unavailable
In January last year I locked myself out of my IPhone 12 Pro after a night of drinking. I took it to a recovery specialist in Edinburgh who managed to get it to the passcode screen but unfortunately I still could not remember the passcode and entered too many failed attempts again, prompting the phone to display “iPhone unavailable”. Since then, he has not been able to gain access to the phone whatsoever, but believes the data (more specifically the 20,000 photos I am trying to recover) remains within the phone. We have both been in contact with Apple numerous times who have advised there is no current known way around this. Is this something your team would be able to look at? I had run out of iCloud storage at the time I locked myself out of my phone which is why the photos hadn’t been uploaded.

iPhone Unavailable

iPhone Unavailable

Recover lost document

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

I’m not sure if this is an issue you can help with but a friend told me to inquire. I lost all the work I had done on a Word document on my laptop (MacBook Air) for the entire month of September. The document was saving properly and opened and closed countless times within that period, then I didn’t open it for a week and went to reopen and it said the last time it had been modified was the 31st August and it went back to that save (my computer seems to be saying I haven’t done anything on word on any document for the entire month). For more context, I cannot browse the version history, I cannot open a recovered version in the Word app, my temporary items folder is empty, and there is one Auto Recovery document from the 9th September, but I cannot open it (and it would still be missing a significant amount of work). The document was saved to my iCloud, and was never on my one drive because it was created on a different device. I’ve done every troubleshooting suggestion and contacted every relevant customer service and I cannot find any way to recover it, is there a chance it would be on my hard drive? (I know very little about how computers work, sorry for the influx of information, just a last attempt to recover a month of my work).

iPhone Recovery Leicester and WD Recovery Chester

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

iPhone 11 Pro Max data recovery

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that was dropped in water. During the day it was dropped there were a lot of photos taken as we were on holiday, the phone backs up every evening so the latest back up is the night before, therefor photos taken from that day were not backed up.
We are trying to recover the photos, from what I understand the phone is unlikely to be restored to full working order so we’re just trying to recover those photos. I am located in Leicester.
LeicesterOriginally, it was turning on and receiving notifications however the screen was totally unresponsive. We took it to a repair shop and they were unable to fix it, and now it appears to be stuck in a boot loop.
Would you be able to help recover the photos?

Western Digital Black, WD2003FZEX Data Recovery

Sudden mechanical failure of the internal HDD data drive in my elderly, home-built Windows 11 PC (operating system on an SSD).
PC does get moved around sometimes and has been moved several times recently.
Drive is a 2TB Western Digital Black, WD2003FZEX, made in 2015.
It stopped being recognised by PC, then still not recognised when removed and connected via a caddy to a laptop.
Found it spins up, starts clicking then spins down by itself.
Drive thought to be around 3/4 full. Contains photos, documents, scans, music, videos and downloaded software in well-structured folders/subfolders. I need to recover all this data, if possible.
I live in Chester, Cheshire.

Manchester Mortgage Broker Data Recovery

Friday, February 25th, 2022

I’m a mortgage broker in Manchester and I’m writing because I have a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive (WD5000BMVW 500GB) which fell from my chair on to a hard floor and is no longer being recognised when connected to my computer via USA. The LED light on the product is switched on when it’s connected to my computer, however I don’t hear any spinning/ticking/buzzing noises after connecting it via USB.
I’m writing to investigate possible solutions for fixing this driver or recovering data from it. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful to hear from you, and if you need any more info please let me know. Manchester Mortgages are FCA approved mortgage brokers and advisors in Greater Manchester. We provide mortgages for first time buyers, homemakers and the self employed.

Mortgage Brokering Services across Manchester:


Recover Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and MetaMask

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Here are some recent cryptocurrency recovery enquiries we’ve had. For Bitcoin and Metamask data, whether its the recovery of seed words or a deleted wallet we recommend

Recover My Crypto Wallet site logo

Diamondmax 21 & crypto wallet
it’s a diamondMax 21, Maxtor, 250GB drive storing a wallet.dat file containing cryptocurrency.
When it first broke, a friend had a look at it but he was just someone that did computers as a sideline and he couldn’t fix it sadly.
I recently bought an external case for my storage HDD which doesn’t detect the drive. When it stopped working it seemed like a mechanical failure but obviously I don’t know exactly. Can you recover the crypto for me? I have a wallet with Bitcoin and Ethereum. I can partially remember the seed words and password.

Ledger Nano Bitcoin recovery seed required
I hope you can help , I have Bitcoin in a ledger nano s wallet but can’t access them as I’m having problems with my recovery phrase can you help

Metamask recovery on iPhone
iPhone 11 plus stuck in boot loop, receiving Error 1110. Would like to find out if it is possible to recover photos. I realise it makes no difference but I just wanted to provide a bit more detail of my phone issue below:

– My phone kept notifying me with the storage full message
– I was in the process of deleting things to create more space
– I’m assuming once a small amount of space was created it decided to update the software, but of course not enough space to update fully, leading to the error
– It’s been stuck in a boot loop ever since
– I’ve tried to update using iTunes and received error 1110
– My phone hasn’t once shown the passcode screen, only the looping black screen with the Apple logo

The information I want back is the MetaMask cryptocurrency app – can you recover this?

Data recovery in Liverpool and the Wirral

Monday, September 20th, 2021

In this post we look at several data recovery enquiries from Liverpool.

Seagate makes strange noise
I have a Seagate HDD of 2TB. Last weekend I dropped it by mistake to the floor and now it is not working. When I plug it, the light on the HDD switches on and it starts to make a strange noise. I’ve tested it in a windows and a mac computer and it does not work in any of them. The USB cable is fine because I tried it with another HDD. I wonder how much would it cost to repair it or recover the data that contains. Thank you for the attention you can pay to this request I am in Liverpool.

Hard drive running slow
I am in Liverpool and close to Data Clinic’s Horton House office in L2. I have had this harddrive for about 8 years, it kept opening slower and slower until one day it just didn’t open on my laptop, before it “died” I tried to do a data recovery and some files were recovered however my step dad tried to do the same and it just crashed he said that a data recovery might be able to happen, I understand that all my photos might be gone forever, but I just thought I’d ask for a quote and your opinion! I work till six so email is probably best!

Hard drive doesn’t show
My external hard drive isnt working after the laptop battery ran out and it closed down. The hard drive is recognised in devices. But doesnt show the drive or files in windows explorer. If you look at events in the devices manager it says yesterday at the time the problem happened that the hard drive has not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. I am in the Wirral and the closet Data Clinic office to me is in Liverpool.

SSD freezes
For the past few weeks I’ve been unable to proceed past the ‘logon’ screen on my laptop.
It would freeze either on the windows logo, at logon or after entering my password.
I’ve had a similar issue before, but was always solved by restarting a few times. Now, I cannot seem to get past it. I am near Chester and was hoping to call in at your Liverpool data recovery centre at Horton House.
I then ran dell support assist, decrypted using the bit locker key and then ‘repaired’ the system to an image it had taken from a month ago.
After this, the PC now no longer reached logon but rather shows a BSOD with the error code x0c000021a
I believe the SSD is still intact as support assist shows the data still at 150GB and i had tried to transfer it off myself but it doesnt complete.

More phone data recovery questions

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Huawei logoIf you’ve got an unresponsive phone that may be boot looping, is water damaged or has symptoms similar to the one’s described below then I recommend you take a look at a previous blog post here:

Recover Data from Huawei Phone
I have a Huawei P30 phone with a cracked screen and water damage. I can tell the phone is still working because I can see the Bluetooth is on and there I vibrations. So it might just need a new screen. But the main thing is if replacing the screen doesn’t work then I want to be able to recover the data from it.

Save Photos on Huawei Phone
I’m so desperate to try and save photos from my Huawei phone and I dont want to send my phone into just anyone as I dont want the risk of losing them completely. Everything on my phone backed up but a weeks worth of holiday photos of my daughter that didnt due to poor signal. Can you advise your success rate at all and if its possible to just recover the one week of photos? Thank you very much and any advice or help would be very much appreciated!

Can’t Access Files or Remember Passwords

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Can’t remember pass codes or passwords

My father had a stroke last month and can no longer remember any of his passwords, passcodes etc for his emails or apple products.
The main issue is his iPad (5th Generation). This has a lot of important information on. He’s tried the incorrect passcode too many times and it is now disabled. Is there any way to recover the data from the iPad? Apple say that the only option is to restore and wipe it – but have suggested we contact you. Is there anything we can do about this? although security is obviously important, it seems absurd that there aren’t any systems in place to recover data in these type of circumstances.
We don’t believe he has a backup, but cannot access his iCloud to find out.
The second issue is his iphone (5SE). Similar to his iPad, he cannot remember the passcode. But he is not locked out of this yet. Is there any way to get into it without knowing the passcode?

Frustrated computer userPhone ran out of memory

My phone ran out of memory and it wouldn’t turn on it kept getting stuck on the apple logo and turning straight off , connected it to my laptop and tried to update the phone but as it didn’t have enough storage nothing happened but then it wiped my phone and its turned on and working now but all my pictures are lost and Im worried that I can’t get them back once you wipe a phone is there anything you can do?
This is error code 14 and there is nothing that can be done to access the data. See this earlier post for more information.

Can’t access files on encrypted drive

I have an encrypted hard drive that is not allowing me to access my files. typically, when I plug in the Seagate external hard drive, a message pops up and asks for my password. Now, when I plug it it, I do not get a prompt for a password. I can see my folders and files, but when I try to access them, I get a message that says I do not have access. It has not been dropped/ damaged. I really need to access the data! Hope this is something you can deal with.
This sounds like a malware problem.

Elephone and Xperia Phone Recovery Chiswick

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

I have a mobile phone – Elephone P9000 Lite. Android 6.0 All the text messages were deleted about 18 months ago when the phone was replaced and sim removed so hasent been used since apart from browsing for a month. Can the text messages be restored and if so could you give an idea how much you would charge. I can bring the phone into your Chiswick data recovery centre.

A couple years ago I sent my hard drive off to be recovered but it was unsuccessful. I got a long and detailed report on why. I now have a new hard drive that I need the files retrieving from. Am I able to drop it off at your offices? I live close to Chiswick.
Also, do you have a ballpark price for hard drive recovery? I suspect it is a head crash issue as the hard drive clicks when turned on.

My external harddrive has stopped working. No light once connected to usb port. Have tried different ports and cables. The device is making a loud clicking sound when it is plugged in. Windows will not detect it.

Our Hard Drive has stopped working recently, and I am unable to access our data. I have tried removing the actual drive (it is external) and attaching that directly to our PC, but it isn’t recognised by it, making me think there is physical damage to it. Is there anything you can do to recover our data? We are located in Chiswick, London? If so, please could you give me an estimate for the price, and if we need to provide another HDD for you to save the recovered data on to?

Sony xperia xz2. Phone is completely dead. Unable to recover data from software. Need photos recovered. Can you please email with quote as don’t have working phone to receive calls at the moment.

Data recovery using Easeus software

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

I have a Seagate, 2 terabytes hard drive. I am a photographer. I was designing an album when the software i was using suddenly stopped reading files from the hard drive. The hard drive only shows up in ‘disk management’ as unallocated, non initialized. I have tried several options using Easeus recovery software. The problem however isn’t solved. I think it might be a hardware issue.
The hard drive had two partitions before the it failed.

Easeus data recoveryWe have already sent this drive off a couple of times before and I was given an explanation from the previous company which is:
The diagnostics suggest the drive has damaged heads.
There is no way for me to be 100% certain on what has been attempted before arriving with us but based on the fact the drive has clearly been opened (a cut made around the screw on the top lid) and the silver sticker has been moved from the headstack screw underneath I would make a fair guess that someone has already attempted to replace the heads. This is just a guess though based on the state of the drive when it arrived.
Is there anything that you can do in regards to this issue. You are our last and best option.
Is there anything i can do?

1tb Western Digital Green Drive. Stopped working, Tried all i can, opened it up carefully and cleaned contacts on PCB, no joy. The HDD contains mainly photos etc that i’d really like to get back if at all possible.

Western Digital My Passport PN/ WDBACX0010BBK-00
My hard drive seems to be spinning but an occasional noise is apparent. My PC makes the noise as if connected, but it doesn’t appear in My PC folder. Easeus software can’t detect it.

My laptop no longer boots up, and recovery options fail to work, so I am interested in finding if it is possible to recover files from the hard drive although this may be not working. I am mainly interested in photos but some other documents too. Are you able to give me an idea of how much this is likely to cost? In what format do you return the information?

I have a seagate m3 portable 1tb and after backing up some photos and videos on it today, it has stopped responding to the usb on my computer, it is making a slight beepping sound when removed and replugged into the port. i would just like to recover my data please email me only.

My pc has stopped working recently and I would like to recover some files from my hard drive.