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Recover lost document

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

I’m not sure if this is an issue you can help with but a friend told me to inquire. I lost all the work I had done on a Word document on my laptop (MacBook Air) for the entire month of September. The document was saving properly and opened and closed countless times within that period, then I didn’t open it for a week and went to reopen and it said the last time it had been modified was the 31st August and it went back to that save (my computer seems to be saying I haven’t done anything on word on any document for the entire month). For more context, I cannot browse the version history, I cannot open a recovered version in the Word app, my temporary items folder is empty, and there is one Auto Recovery document from the 9th September, but I cannot open it (and it would still be missing a significant amount of work). The document was saved to my iCloud, and was never on my one drive because it was created on a different device. I’ve done every troubleshooting suggestion and contacted every relevant customer service and I cannot find any way to recover it, is there a chance it would be on my hard drive? (I know very little about how computers work, sorry for the influx of information, just a last attempt to recover a month of my work).