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Upgrading to Mavericks? Read This First !

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
Apple and WD logo

If you use certain Western Digital products be careful when upgrading to Apple’s Mavericks software (OSX 10.9)

Do you use Western Digital’s Drive Manager, RAID Manager or SmartWare software products? If you do, don’t upgrade to Apple OSX 10.9 Mavericks.

Western Digital have issued a warning to it’s customers after they experienced data loss issues when upgrading their Mac’s to the new OSX 10.9 Mavericks software which comes as a free upgrade.

The issue concerns how Mavericks interacts with specific WD data management software. Often the interaction is catastrophic and cause all user data to be lost. A statement from Western Digital said: ‘We want to make you aware of new reports of Western Digital and other external HDD products experiencing data loss when updating to Apple’s OS X Mavericks (10.9)…WD is urgently investigating these reports and the possible connection to the WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager and WD SmartWare software applications.

Western Digital advise all users of it’s external hard drives not to upgrade to OS X Mavericks yet. For users who have already done so they advise uninstalling all copies of WD Raid Manager, WD Drive Manager and WD SmartWare – all of which WD has removed from its site to avoid fresh installations, and then perform a system reboot the system to avoid data loss.

If you’ve lost data due to the Maverick’s OS update and need it recovered we recommend you choose a reputable data recovery company to retrieve your information.

Reviewing the WD MyBook Ultra Hard Disk

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

WD ultra hard disk driveCompact, elegant, and small enough to fit in your hand, WD’s My Passport Ultra is a portable USB3 hard-drive that is available in several various colours.

Western Digital include three utility applications using the My Passport Ultra:

1. WD Security lets you to really secure the drive’s content with a password. The protection feature supports strong encryption, and once you decide on a password, the drive’s data is utterly inaccessible in the event you forget the password.

2. Smartware is a backup program allowing you to back up your files either always in the background while you work or in accordance with a timetable of the wish. Smartware is intelligent enough to back up only those files which have changed since the copy, which saves time. You may select to back up special files or folders, or let the software reproduce entire groups of files, for example all of your pictures, music and movies. The program colourful images that visual depict just how much space is being used by diverse kinds of files, including files and jpgs.
Were you aware? – In place of backing up files to the My Passport Extremely, Smartware can back up files to your Dropbox account. If you wish these can subsequently be backed up to the Passport Extremely.

3. WD Drive Utilities comprises a housekeeping suite that includes characteristics that allow you to really check in the drive’s status, its features, run a SMART position report, as well as reformat the drive.