How Much Does Data Recovery Cost ?

No matter what type of data recovery service you require, there’s always going to be an associated cost for doing it. Prices in the UK vary from location to location. As an example the price of data recovery in London is significantly higher in London than it would be in Glasgow or Manchester. This is due to the usual factors of supply and demand. In London the demand for hard drive data recovery is usually between £50 and £150 more expensive becuase there is so much demand, and suppliers can usually pick and choose which jobs they want to take on.

How much does it cost?So, whilst London is the most expensive UK location for data recovery, Sheffield and Liverpool, cities that are both in the North West of England are the cheapest. In order to save money some people send their hard drives up to Sheffield and Liverpool from London to save a few quid.

Here are some standard enquiries about hard drive recovery services, recieved from all over the country. I’ve added links to sites that provide further information where I could. Costs for data recovery vary according to the type of problem. Prices usually start at around £300 and have a top end of around £1000.

“I have a G-Force, G-Drive Mobile USB external hard drive that has about 1T worth of memory. I have a lot of important things on it but the USB port got bent inside of it so I cannot plug it into my laptop anymore. Is there anyway to repair this or to at least recover the data?”

“I have a hard disk which failed, 1000gb desktop SATA, I believe it was the motor, as it just made a small whirr and click and repeated the click over and over. On bad advice I opened the case. I immediately knew not to touch anything and closed it again, but it was not in a protected room so it’s quite possible that some very fine house dust would have landed on the platter at this stage (I recall seeing a single speck on the platter before closing). I did not attempt to boot the disk again after closing the case. Can you tell me how likely it is the data can be recovered, and how much would you charge for this?” Drives that make whirr and click noises have faults with their read / write assemblies – take a look at the information on Data Recovery Tips if you are looking to try and recover the data yourself.

“My Imation 1TB external hard drive stopped working all of a sudden. It does not appear on mu computer list but appears on device manager list. Light is on and can hear the spinning sound in side. I have very importanat data inside which i don’t want to lose”

“Hard drive with all my family photos will not load. When plugged into laptop it lights up and spins but theres also a clicking sound. Hard drive size is 250gb i believe.” This enquiry is very much like the whirr and click enquiry above. Again in this instance the fault is probably located in the head stack assembly”

As you can see, there are lots of different scenarios that require a data recovery service, and the cost of this service varies depending on the type of fault and what location you send the hard drive to.