How To Backup Your Windows 7 PC

The Way To Backup PCs and Laptops Running Windows 7

Don’t lose your significant data and files. Do not be the victim of a drive crash or viruses/malware/spyware. You need to back-up your files on a regular basis. It’s really a good habit to get into. My phrase is do not delay, backup today.

How To Backup Your Windows 7 PCFirst you will need to figure out where you have your important files. All of the time it is going to take your Documents folder or on your desktop. Sometimes you might have put data in other locations and you also can perform a search for those files.
Before you begin doing your backup be sure to close all open plans that contain data you need to backup.

Here are the basic procedures on how to backup Windows 7 with the integrated backup utility.

Back-up your PC

In case you haven’t backed up this computer before, click “Set up backup” and allow the wizard guide you. You might have to get administrator permissions to-do this and if you’re on a work network, ideally the network administrator has a network based copy regime. If you do not have administrator permissions, you may ask your network administrator to do the backups for you.

I would recommend that you just utilize an usb flash drive for the backup and ensure you store the usb drive in a safe physical location.

Most users can let the windows wizard select which files and folders to backup, but if you really have some extras files, pictures in places which you had to search for, now is the time to include them.

You can also elect to schedule regular backups, which I would urge that you definitely do daily backups. Contingent upon your requirements, choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. This is necessary to make sure that you have regular backups.

Windows will configure the copy and begin.

Backup in Progress !

The screen will reveal the present copy in progress. That looks really easy. Do not put it away, you may not want to lose precious data, better safe than sorry.

If you ever need to do a restore of your file (s) look for a post on how exactly to perform the restore of the files. The wizard on Windows 7 copy is quite simple to follow.